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Live Streaming How To

Live Streaming Singapore: In recent years, live streaming events have become the norm in our technology-driven and globally-connected society. In fact, statistics show that live video will account for 17% of internet video traffic by 2022 which equates to 15-fold growth since 2017.

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Today, it’s possible for even small businesses and startups to live stream concerts, sporting events, weddings, graduations, conferences, and much more. Since this trend is still on the rise, now is the best time to learn how to live stream an event.

Today, we will walk you through the basics of live streaming events. We’re here to help you understand each of the major moving parts involved in live streaming an event so that you’ll be equipped with the information you need to have success with your broadcast.

Let’s dive into the five things you should consider when preparing to live stream your first event.

Live Streaming Singapore Solutions

  • Broadcasting Equipment

  • Capture Card

  • Encoder

  • Embed Code

  • Conclusion

When considering how to live stream an event, you’ll first want to choose a live streaming solution that is right for you. A live streaming solution is a platform that hosts your live stream. Many professional-grade live streaming solutions are equipped with HTML5 video players that are totally white-labeled and can easily be embedded on your website, app, and social platforms.

When using one of the professional video streaming platforms, you and your viewers have access to specialised servers and sufficient bandwidth, among many other features, to ensure successful broadcasts. A professional streaming service can typically handle large volumes of viewers, thereby allowing you to reach a larger audience. If your streaming solution uses a global content delivery network, it will also accommodate large volumes of viewers in remote locations around the globe, and the streaming quality will be higher.

2. Broadcasting Equipment

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Once you’ve chosen the live streaming solution that meets your needs, it is time to consider what sort of recording equipment to invest in.

This is a crucial component for streaming video, and it can be overwhelming to weigh all the options. That said, we recommend taking the time to research a few different options before making a decision. That way, you can be sure the equipment that you invest in is truly the best fit for your streaming goals.

The two main types of capture equipment that you’re going to look at are a professional grade camera and microphone.

If it’s in your budget, we strongly recommend investing in a quality camera to ensure a professional-grade streaming experience. A high-quality camera will pay dividends for your broadcast. Moreover, it will improve the quality of both the audio and visual aspects, which will help to attract and retain new viewers.

3. Capture Card

When live streaming with a camera, you often need a capture card to properly convert the video into streamable content. You can purchase a capture card yourself, and then install it on your computer. Once installed, you can plug the camera into the capture card to get ready to stream.

For those of you who are recording live events through your laptop’s webcam and not using a camera, you will most likely not need to purchase a capture card. This is true for most “webcam” methods, as they are already stream-friendly.

Not sure if your webcam is compatible? Simply open Skype on the computer with which you plan to stream. If the video feature shows up, then your computer/webcam does not require a capture card.

4. Encoder

Whether you’re using an external camera or a webcam, you’ll need to use an encoder. You can use either hardware or software encoder. There are several options available for either type.

5. Embed Code

We’ve made it to the final piece of our “how to live stream an event” checklist. Once you have the streaming platform and the equipment in place, you want to ensure that your viewers can access your video content. Fortunately, this step is quite simple when streaming via a professional service. You can also customise the size of the video player.


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After learning about these five aspects of live streaming, we’re confident that you’re on track to broadcast your first live event like a pro.

To recap, we recommend that you first choose a streaming platform. From there, you can choose a camera, an encoder, and a capture card (if necessary). Once you’re ready to broadcast live, we strongly recommend embedding your live stream onto your own website.

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