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Mistakes To Avoid At Company Parties

Event Company Singapore: Sometimes, letting your hair loose and having fun is all part and parcel of being at lavish company parties, especially when there is loads of food and drinks to go around. But even then, we can lose control and get a little rowdy, for lack of a better term, after imbibing a little too much booze. So here are some mistakes and behaviours you might want to steer clear of at your next office party: leading event company singapore

1. Drinking in excess

This is probably the most common mistake made during these office parties: even though many organisations are still offering a full bar, others have begun limiting how much alcohol will be served at the event. Regardless of the company’s decision, it highlights that nobody should over-consume. Therefore, remember to limit your alcohol to a maximum of two drinks. Avoid mixing drinks, and if possible substitute the booze for coffee, tea, soft drinks, and water. #1 event company in singapore

2. Overeating

People who attend events understand that food and drinks are all part of the experience. But it's important to be considerate of how others will approach you, and that includes etiquette basics, such as maintaining clean hands and avoiding a mouth full of passed h'ors d'oeuvres. So, some basic tips here include not walking around with multiple hors d'oeuvres, do not double dip or return buffet food, and most importantly properly discard napkins, toothpicks, etc. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Talking way too much

Most people enjoy spending time with their colleagues and direct managers. However, try to make an effort to speak informally with as many people at the event as possible. That means limiting the time anyone spends with any single individual or group of guests. Limit your conversations to 5 minutes at least, and avoid any in-depth discussions about business. Last of all, never forget to thank the party hosts and organisers towards the end of the night or when you're about to leave the party. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Making a big fuss

In addition to keeping conversations brief, event guests should also remember that this is meant to be a time when everyone can celebrate the successes of the year. Stories are often eavesdropped on by others nearby, and those people will add their own spin to the story. A stray comment can quickly be taken out of context and become this year's rumour mill, with you as the main star. Therefore, identify safe topics to share before the event and switch topics if you or someone else begins to complain. Event Company Singapore

5. Being absent or late for the party

Being in absentia from the regular office party is a big no-no, as it's practically mandatory for you to be present. Also, being fashionably late is not fine unless you have a very good excuse; arrive in the first 30 minutes if possible. Everyone remembers who stayed for a few minutes or departed early for whatever reason. Best Event Company in Singapore

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