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Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Events

Event Company Singapore: Whether you miss a little detail in the early planning stages or neglect to think through onsite logistics,event the best ideas you have in mind don’t matter if you can’t execute properly. If you attract people to your event and then let them down, you’ve got an uphill battle to pull off an event that leaves attendees wanting to come back year after year. So here are five mistakes to avoid when planning events, if you want your attendees to keep coming back: leading event company singapore

1. Not sticking to the planned budget

No matter what event you're planning, budget is crucial to the planning process. Blow your budget on the wrong things, and you’ll be stressing out about stretching the last of your funds. Hence, putting together a rough budget is key, and updating that budget regularly is critical to making sure you’re not going over. Also, have a contingency figure in your budget to provide a buffer, just in case you need to add something to your event at the last minute. #1 event company in singapore

2. Paperwork hasn't been finalised soon enough

Whether you need special permission for alcohol licensing, fire zoning, or selling merchandise, nail down your permits and finalise the paperwork as soon as possible. If you don’t, your entire event might be at risk and even shut down before it has a chance to get going. When you’re securing your permits, also check that you’ve completed all necessary paperwork such as insurance policy and liability, so have a lawyer review the paperwork before it’s finalised. Top Event Company Singapore

3. There is no site map

There are numerous details to run through meticulously; miss too many of those details, and you can tarnish the attendee experience. To help you nail down those details, and to create the best onsite experience, you should build a site map, which should include where each vendor, stage, and toilet will go, as well as entrances and exits. Do a walk-through of where the main attractions will be at different times of the day. Make sure the walkways and spaces are big enough to accommodate the expected crowds. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Not enough restrooms and other amenities

Restrooms are especially necessary at an event. If your event is outdoors, you should order at least one port-a-potty per 100 attendees. And if your event is focused on alcohol, up that number, about 15-20% more if needed. If you’re using port-a-potties, make sure they’re getting taken care of multiple times throughout the event at least three times per day, and ensure each stall is stocked (and restocked) with toilet paper, hand sanitisers, and seat covers. Also, scatter bathrooms throughout your event, and place extra toilets by your drink location. Event Company Singapore

5. Ineffective communication plan

Be it posting pre-event information on your FAQ page or sending day-of information via social media and email, your attendees expect to hear from you early and often.If you don’t have a communication plan in place, your attendees will take it upon themselves to create speculation and spread rumours about your event. You can work ahead by creating canned email and social media messages so you’re not starting with a blank page. leading event company singapore

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