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The Perfect Conference Venue: More Tips & Tricks

Event Company Singapore: Need more ways to pick out the perfect venue fro your next conference event? Here are more helpful tips and tricks for choosing that conference venue that will be closer to what you have envisioned:

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Technology and venue's facilities

During the next stage, you have to check what the venue you've picked has available for your event. Does the venue host provide the necessary audio-visual equipment and can you use the available seating arrangements for your conference? Also look up network capabilities and registration setups, and ensure that every single aspect is covered to make an attendee’s journey seamless.

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Cutting costs as a solution

Finding the perfect conference venue that is available on the chosen dates at an affordable price takes a lot of luck on your part. But what if you’re not so lucky? Be prepared to stretch your budget and having to cut costs on other expenses as a result. Negotiate the price, or if need be, establish a multi-year contract with a venue host and also discuss in advance with your client whether any flexibility is allowed in an initial venue budget.

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Staffing for the event

When it comes to hiring staff for your upcoming event, ensure there are enough people responsible for onsite meeting processes, guest registration, catering, technical support, and other aspects of conference management. In a perfect scenario, there should be one chief coordinator appointed to each of the core processes, a la a person who can manage a team, track their progress, and solve any ongoing issues.

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Catering the food and drinks for guests

Many conference planners think that food and beverages aren’t a major concern because it’s something that venue hosts are responsible for. However, it doesn’t always mean they can match the preferences of your guests. Hence, inquire where the food and beverages are coming from, be it in-house catering or an external supplier. Also ask the following questions: Are there vegetarian meal choices on the menu? Is the catering provider capable of accommodating allergies or any special food needs? Remember, checking catering capabilities is the right thing to do.

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