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More Great Ideas For Corporate Events

Event Company Singapore: Need more ideas making the corporate environment fun and engaging, while you continue staying totally on brand at the same time? Here are more great and exciting ways to make corporate events fun again:

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Balloon Ceilings

Corporate events need an excellent styling method, and while this theme is somewhat ostentatious, it remains classy and sophisticated. Drawing on the black and cold, a trailing balloon ceiling that spread outwards can add a level of intimacy to the event. Balloons are an important décor trend on top of being multi-functional too, so don’t count them out.

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Dessert signage

This one's a classic, yet still incredibly effective, particularly if you get the right dessert and make it shine! These are the perfect example of dessert branding done right with these sophisticatedly stylish treats. The more appetising the dessert, the more they will be photographed and shared, improving the sponsor’s reach.

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Digital mapping

Digital mapping at any corporate event can help showcase different images and project them to create an interactive and engaging way for your attendees. The images themselves can be automated and moving and in some cases, integrated with the ability to interact with attendees when they are near for some thrilling fun and wow factor.

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Canape spoons

Buffets and canapes tend to remove some catering options because from a logistical standpoint, you can’t serve difficult foods or those needing utensils without plates. Hence, canape spoons are the latest things to make this possible and open up a realm of possibilities for your menu. Plus, they make it easier and stylish to consume your food!

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event company Singapore

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