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More Foods NOT For Weddings

Event Company Singapore: Last time, we talked about foods that one shouldn't serve on their wedding day. Well, that's not the end of it friends! Here are more foods that you should definitely not serve on your wedding day at all: leading event company singapore

1. Food that become the center of attention

A Caesar salad made table-side might sounds like a great way to set your wedding apart from the rest of the pack, but it only serves to draw attention away from the real attraction: you and your spouse. Unless you’re having a very intimate wedding, it’s going to be a chore to get each dish made and made properly for each guest to their liking. #1 event company in singapore

2. A full-course meal

Your wedding isn't exactly the last bastion of cordon-bleu fine dining, and you shouldn't be striving to provide guests with the "ultimate fine-dining experience". Besides, having a full-course dinner derives your guests of what they're there for: to celebrate your special day with you and have the time of their lives. Don't deprive them of such a unique experience, take it easy and go simple. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Overly elaborate dishes

Speaking of which, don't confuse your guests with overly complex dishes that are virtually unrecognisable and filled with a hundred ingredients or so. That may be an exaggeration, and not everyone shares your proclivity for gastronomic science, so keep it simple and delicious. Don't flummox your guests, and definitely don't have your caterers devise elaborately crafted meals that is more feast for the eyes than it is edible. leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore

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4. Exotic foods

You and your spouse might be hardcore gourmands with an affinity for exotic foods, but your guests may not share the same sentiment. Sure, sea urchin and rotten shark may be delicacies, but they are still an acquired taste and it's best to play it safe. Make your menu easily accessible and simple for the rest of your guests, and stay away from adding any exotic specialties on the menu. Best Event Company in Singapore Top Event Company Singapore

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