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More Tips & Tricks On Hosting A Successful Fundraiser

Event Company Singapore: Need more ways to capture the giving spirit and maximise the amount of money you raise for charity? Here are a few more tips and tricks to hosting the best fundraiser ever:

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Commit to your chosen theme

As a rule of thumb, people are mostly excited to support a cause while also wanting to have a great time and enjoy themselves. Remember, “raise money” is not a theme so you need to come up with a fun, unique idea that is also in line with your cause and organization.

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Find a suitable venue

Finding the right space for your fundraiser can take a bit of time. Even if you have a venue you’ve worked with in the past, it’s worth the time and effort to shop around for a place to host your fundraiser. A non-traditional space can be inspiring, while some venues might be willing to discount or donate the space to be associated with a good cause.

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Get support from your community

Are you taking advantage of your community of supporters to help with your fundraising efforts? For example, you can enable ticket-buyers to create their own fundraising pages via sites such as GoFundMe and Indiegogo to support your cause. Suddenly, their networks are a new fundraising audience for your cause.

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Give a little thanks

When the fundraiser has successfully ended and the day is done, all you want to do is go home and rest. But when you wake up the next day, don’t forget to follow up with your donors and volunteers to say thank you. It’s a small gesture, but it means a lot to the people rallying around your cause.

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