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Questions To Ask When Hiring New Event Staff

Event Company Singapore: Hiring the right events team can lead to challenges not being too big to tackle. Whether rain is threatening your event the day before or ticket sales have slumped two months out, an all-star events team is your secret weapon. To help ensure you get the right people, here are a few questions you should be asking in every interview:

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"Give an example of a time you handled big change at work"

Look for individuals who don’t get frazzled when you have to make changes. You want to know that your staff can be flexible and pivot at the drop of a dime when the going gets tough. Add in certain key scenarios for your interviewees to tackle, such as what to do when a vendor cancels, your venue floods, or even your main act missed their flight.

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"When were you required to both work independently & as a team?"

Communication is critical for a successful events team: what happens if someone is in charge of the project, but that person didn’t connect with the person in charge of sponsorship? Next thing you know, you're missing important sponsor logos, and those sponsors aren’t pleased. Look for an answer that demonstrates how the candidate carried a project through from start to finish, and how they've updated teammates along the way.

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"Why are you interested in working in events?"

You didn’t get to where you are without putting in hours and even years of blood, sweat, and tears, and your staff should be just as dedicated as you are. More often than not, people start this industry as a volunteer or produce events in college, so whoever you hire should have a genuine interest in events.

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"Do you have relevant experience with event technology/software?"

Whether your candidate is familiar with your event technology or is new to tech, look for people who are willing to learn new tools and technology. A lot of the technology utilised is easy to pick up and learn, but if you find someone who is familiar, it’s a bonus. Otherwise, if your candidate isn’t familiar with the tech you use, ask them about a time they learned a new software on the job.

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