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Quickstart Guide for your Event Planning in 2023

Event Company Singapore

Event Company Singapore: This list of relatively small and easy steps will help make planning a breeze. Some steps may not apply to some activities—if not, skip them. For example, you won’t need a planning committee or coordinator if you don't need them.

Here are typical planning steps. You might find it helpful to write out the responses to steps, and to share them with another staff or a typical audience member to make sure there are no unexpected complications.

1. Develop Strategies for Success.

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  • Ask yourself, “How does the event help fulfill our mission?”

  • Gather event company Singapore event planning committee and select a coordinator

  • Define scope of event. Brainstorm ideas, or borrow one.

  • Identify event objectives

  • Identify target audience

  • Target collaborative or partnership opportunities. Get tips for working in a partnership.

  • Garner support from staff

  • Talk to others who have had similar events for tips, success and strategies

  • Determine how long you need to plan the event

  • Determine what success would be and how you will evaluate it Evaluation tools.

2. Make A Checklist & Create a Budget.

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A checklist with a timetable helps track of all the activities involved with planning an event company Singapore event.

  • Identify revenue opportunities, if any (donations, concessions, tickets sales, sponsorships).

  • Determine expenses (Printing, permits, speakers, food, supplies, security, room rental).

  • Seek funding opportunities, including current budget, donors, grants.

3. Plan Logistics.

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Many event company Singapore event planning activities will be going on at the same time, but it’s good to think through whole the process in advance. Some major areas to consider:

  • Set date(s)

  • Identify size requirements

  • Choose location of event

  • Identify set-up needs

  • Decide on catering

  • Decide on and assign clean-up responsibility

  • Make emergency plans in the event of a major unexpected event (power outage, weather, illness)

  • Locate parking

4. Plan Publicity.

Event Company Singapore 4

The first purpose of promotion is to publicize event company Singapore event — Brainstorm ways to get the word out (press release, PSA’s, newspaper, banners, newsletters, Website, emails to Friend’s group). Choose your secondary purposes of promotion. Are you trying to:

  • Inform, educate or entertain?

  • Increase awareness or attendance? Public relations and marketing tools.

  • Build a base of support?

  • Facilitate community relations?

  • Build cooperation between organizations with joint program planning?

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