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Selling Your Event On Social Media Pt. 2

Event Company Singapore: In our last article, we talked about how event companies use social media to sell events, and how can one increase public outreach to do so. Here are some more ways to sell your event on social media: leading event company singapore

1. Show off your investments

In order to attract the clients you want, the best way to do that is to show how invested you are in the success of your client’s events. Investing in your events, where you post on your social media accounts to inform clients, will show that you are seriously committed to a memorable future partnership with them. #1 event company in singapore

2. Being inspired

Event planners are highly creative, and they are always inspired so make sure you use the right social media to let people in on your process. For instance, on Instagram, when using photos of details in everyday experiences talk about how they make you feel or how it could impact an event. Use a consistent hashtag all your own in order to keep all these experiences together. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Your client's missions

If your clients are vital to your brand’s mission, you should know what their mission is. Therefore, it's best to research your best client’s mission statements and create content that tells their story and they impact they are making in the communities they are involved in.

leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore

4. Make the sale

Sometimes, you can forget to make the sale over social media. So, peruse each page on your site and each product in your inventory and determine how that solved a previous client’s problem then contact past clients to get testimonials about how those services made them feel and turn those into posts with strong calls to action. While social media is primarily about earning and maintaining trust, you would know when's the right time to ask clients for the opportunity to work together.

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