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Team Building Ice-Breakers, Part 2

Event Management: Ice breaker games for corporate events are a great way to build an effective team or bring your attendees together through an activity. Therefore, here are a few ice breaker activities to bring your group and teams together via effective ice breakers for team building events:

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Link building

If you know the group well or have good data on them, create duos on name tags. You can use stickers or simply write the name of one-half of a duo on their name tag. They must then find the other person and find out why you matched them up. For example, you might write “Batman” on your name tag and “Robin” on your partner's. You and your potential partner get paired up because you are both from the same hometown and will have to discover the reason why after finding your partner.

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Paper airplanes

Each attendee is handed a piece of paper when they enter. On it, they must write the answers to two designated questions of your choice. Next, instruct them to stand in a circle and launch their airplanes into the middle. Then instruct each attendee to pick up one airplane that is not theirs and read the answer. Their goal is to circulate and converse with others until they find the airplane’s owner.

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Mystery guest

Choose a “mystery guest” of your choice ahead of time and record a few things about that person. After that, share them with the group without telling anyone who the guest is but ensure they know the person is circulating among them. It is their job to take those five facts and find the person who matches all five.

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Create a Jeopardy-type board using cardboard or a whiteboard covered with paper with categories and dollar values. Under each one place a funny question and the person who asks for the questions must answer it or defer it to someone specific in the audience. If they defer it, the person in the audience must answer. Then that person can select a category for the person who deferred answering and they must answer it this time. This fun ice breaker is a good way to learn more about the people within your group.

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