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Things Not to Forget When Organising an Event

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Event Company: As much as we plan, prepare and think ahead, there’s always something that is forgotten - something that inevitably needs to be adjusted, so quick decisions are necessary. Here is a checklist of 4 things you’re likely to forget at an event and how to make sure you are prepared.

1. Good Signage.

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Can’t find the parking? Left turn or right? This door or the place next door? These questions are things you don’t want your guests to have to ask. Signage is easily overlooked by even the best in the business. And, oftentimes, even if you remember signage, it is rarely enough. A great rule to follow is: a kindergartener has to be able to find your event company event. That’s how easy instructions and signage have to be. We create extras of all our signs, and we often use the extras. When in doubt, over-communicate with your signs!

2. The Icky Stuff.

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Some event planners forget about restrooms and trashcans. Don't let this be you. The details, however minute and “glamour-less,” are just as important as the attendee gift and delicious food. These logistics can truly make a great event company event fall flat. Pay special attention to these details and logistics if the event is outdoors.

3. Multiple Weather Plans.

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Nothing can seemingly ruin an event like heavy rain or extreme heat. While we cannot accurately predict the weather all the time, we can prepare for multiple versions. Working with your venue to establish a solid back-up plan is key to a great event company event. Don’t just say, “Ok, this is where we will go if it rains.” Instead, have some umbrellas on hand. Or even some fancy ponchos for your guests. Make your audience feel as though the new plan IS Plan A, not Plan B or C.

4. "When the staff is happy, everyone is happy."

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The most common mistake I have found is thinking that an event company event is entirely about the people attending. You must not forget the people working the event. They are your lifeline to success at the event, and a happy staff will make the guests feel like VIPs. Also, think about your volunteers who have given up their time to be part of the event: treat them like royalty, and, in turn, your guests will be well taken care of. Designating a volunteer or staff coordinator is a great way to keep all of your hard workers top-of-mind.

Finally, don’t forget that an event isn’t over when the last person leaves. Follow up, follow through, and thank everyone involved.

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