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Tips To Consider When Hosting Government Events

Event Company Singapore: When organising official meetings like the recent Trump–Kim summit, it’s critical to understand that any little mistake can have profound and severe consequences. Therefore, based on the experience we gained powering registrations at this iconic meeting, here are some top tips that will help build a completely secure and safe environment for all attendees:

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Data security standards has to be levelled up

Simply meeting minimum security standards doesn’t work when it comes to government event planning. Instead, conduct a gap analysis and identify your key data protection priorities, weak system management mechanisms and review recovery planning policies, and add the related scenarios you might need to address at a government event. Also, analyse your current risk management strategy, taking into account all internal and external threats, such as APTs, connection breakage, etc and complement your strategy with extra countermeasures, if needed as it’s important to ensure that all of the processes your team will have to accomplish within an event are aligned with strong risk-based governance principles.

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Provide confidentiality instructions to your team

The second fundamental aspect of organising government events is to ensure utmost confidentiality. So, before you provide the event team with any logon data or access to sensitive information, non-disclosure agreements have to be signed, which will help you regulate aspects such as identification of the parties involved, sharing of event-related information with any third parties and revealing of technologies used at the event to external organisations or individuals, among other matters of confidentiality.

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Test your chosen venue before the event

The venue you choose for a government event should complement your mission and comply with the key security needs, so begin with the most basic requirement, which is the size of the venue. These events would normally attract immense media attention, so you have to ensure that the chosen venue can accommodate the expected number of reporters. Next, check connectivity capabilities and the key restrictions and find out whether it’s possible to set up a back-up connectivity system your team can rely upon in case any breakages occur. Lastly, consider whether the venue can be declared a secure zone. If security measures mean a lot at your event as well, clarify these issues with a venue host.

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