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Creating the event of a lifetime, but have no idea what to include in your event? Here are more really exciting ideas that will help in making your event as entertaining and fun as possible for your guests:

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Live Band/DJs

Music is emotive and generally speaks to people so can be an excellent entertainment idea that appeals to many attendees. Make this more interesting by having unique instruments or something different for example dueling pianos on stage. You could also split the crowd into groups and have a musical riff-off against one another or have them complete musical challenges such as singing lines one after the other to create an echo effect.

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Whether it’s for a dance floor, event entrance or the main hall floor, responsive and interactive flooring can be an interesting idea that is a big hit and makes the venue more engaging without permanent fixtures or adjustments. This can usually be achieved by using projectors and tracking cameras for different effects; some involve moving scenes being displayed with elements interacting with the user as they walk past e.g. a koi pond where the fish swim away when you walk near them. Alternatively, you could have a game where attendees have to run and catch different elements to create a high score, creating an interactive floor game. This could be incorporated on larger floors or upscaled to suit interactions with more guests.

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Giant Lego blocks

Lego is always hours of fun, so why not turn kids toys into adult ones by super-sizing Lego blocks! You can incorporate this into team building activities at corporate retreats as well as competitions at trade shows by giving attendees 2 minutes to make the best Lego creation, it would be a fun way to drive traffic to your booth. If you don’t have the space for big Lego, why not add miniature Lego packs to table settings for guests to do while they are sitting.

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Aerial artists

A sure-fire way to involve the audience when you have little floor space or room is to have aerial décor, artists and entertainers, performing above their heads. It makes the venue more interactive as a whole while attendees look upwards and can make use of dead space without impacting the floor area if you have a large crowd or audience. Aerial performers also add a thrill element because they are so high up and above the attendees that they feel a part of the act itself.

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Hire celebrities or influencers to attend, speak or interact at your event to generate a buzz. Alternatively, you could have them do a remote Q&A session on your social media channels as part of the entertainment. Don’t have the budget? Try a lookalike to pose with guests on the event floor or entrance, it will definitely get people talking on social media, particularly who is the best one!

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