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Unique Fundraising Event Ideas Part 3

Event Company Singapore: There are never enough unique ideas to get your fundraising event off the ground. Therefore, here are even more ideas that your event company Singapore might want to incorporate into their next fundraiser:

Guided hike

Host a guide hiking tour with your event company Singapore in association with brand sponsors who are on board with this idea. Through a guided hike, a hiking expert can lead participants on a guided trail to point out the value of the environment and raise awareness about nature.

Youth ambassadors

Get some young people and/or young celebrities who are well connected to work together with your event company Singapore for a similar good cause. Together, you and your youth ambassadors can raise awareness for your cause by setting up a crowdfunding campaign on social media, for example.

Organise a raffle

Your event company Singapore can hold a special charity raffle together with various brand sponsors. The raffle would determine who wins the grand prize with an added catch: the winner of the grand prize gets half the pot, with the other going to any charity foundation of their choice.

Baby photo contest

How about something a little more cute for a change? Your event company Singapore can organise a baby photo contest, where participants are charged a small entry fee to upload photos of their babies, and then have the crowd vote on categories such as best-dressed or cutest baby, etc.

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