Unique Ideas To Make Your Event Special

Event Company Singapore: Need some ideas to make your event that much more special for your guests? Here are some unique and excellent ideas that are bound to make your event a one of a kind occassion:

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Confetti cannons

Have your event go out with a bang! Have a few confetti cannons attached to the stage over the audience for a finale or to signal the end of the night at a New Year Event. You could exchange these for handheld options and have roaming entertainment let them off at intervals during a special event.

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Personalised gifts

It’s important to get gifts that attendees will remember and cherish, especially when it comes to special or memorialised events, and the perfect way to do this is with personalisation. This could range from an engraving of an employee’s name or nickname as well as something that suits their personality and represents them. They are much more likely to keep and look after it if it is meaningful.

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Countdown clocks

Waiting for something big to happen? Whether it’s the New Year, a new contract or simply the end of tax season for some, incorporate a countdown clock to build suspense! For larger events, you could upscale this to a digital wall projection of the countdown for all to see.

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event company Singapore

event company Singapore

Have a gourmet chef

This one's a nice little treats for your guests, especially if they're big fans of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay! For smaller corporate events have seated service with a gourmet chef who is able to make a menu catered to your company as well as your guest’s preferences. Everyone wants their favourite food so give it to them with a gourmet twist!

event company Singapore

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