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Exciting Birthday Party Ideas During Quarantine

Virtual Event Company - It can be hard to celebrate your one special day during a time when everything has gone into lockdown and quarantine is in effect. So what can be done about it? There are some exciting ideas that your favourite virtual event company can collaborate with to make your birthday a lot more fun and interesting, so let's take a look at some of those birthday ideas now:

Making cocktails online

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Nothing quite makes birthdays more chill than a delicious cocktail, so why not ask your virtual event company to help set up a little bartending session for you and your guests to enjoy? You can make a cocktail with ingredients in your pantry, or have the ingredients for your favorite cocktail sent to you and your guests in advance so you can all gather said ingredients beforehand, then make those delicious mojitos you've been craving for and enjoy yourselves!

Cook up a storm!

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Speaking of online cocktail sessions, you could cook up your favorite dishes with your guests with the help of your chosen virtual event company. There are a couple of ideas in mind, such as sending your guests a specialized meal kit that you can all cook up together via Zoom or Skype, or even having a food workshop where you and your guests can whip up a delicious meal with the help of your online instructor.

Working up a sweat

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Now this idea is more for the health-conscious at heart: you can host a virtual exercise party with the help of your virtual event company for you and your guests. Be it Zumba or even aerobics, it would be best to hire an online instructor to lead you through an intensive workout or collectively sign up for an online exercise workshop where you and your guests can have a memorable time jazzercising to your heart's delight!

Have a simple virtual hangout

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If all of the above ideas are a little on the grandiose side and you feel that your virtual event company can be a little overwhelming at times, you can settle with a simple virtual hangout with your closest friends and family instead. You can celebrate your special day over Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or any other platform in an intimate manner and just have a good old time, nothing quite means more than sharing your birthday with the ones you love and cherish the most.


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