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How To Organise A Virtual Conference

Virtual Event Company - Conferences and seminars are important corporate events and usually involve bringing together various companies and executives, as well as potentially opening up many business opportunities for the numerous parties involved in the event. Tailoring the different elements of a conference to an online experience takes some expertise and know-how.

The right virtual event company can help you coordinate and manage a memorable event that will have all your participants looking forward to the next one. What are some of the best practices the virtual event company you engage should adhere to for hosting any successful virtual conference?

Meticulous Groundwork

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Just because your conference is about to happen online, does not make the planning any less crucial or simple. If you have never hosted a similar event of the same magnitude before, you will require a whole lot early planning to run everything without any hitches. Virtual conferences come with their own set of unique concerns and it's important to have the necessary tools to pull off a successful event.

The virtual event company you engage should handle all the planning for you - from arranging your speakers to organising any break-out sessions, to what platforms work best for you. Leave the meticulous groundwork in the hands of your expert virtual event company.

Virtual = Technology

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Technical difficulties are the number one concern for running any virtual conference, especially if the event you are running is a large forum, and includes multiple smaller seminars - all happening online. A good virtual event company ensures that the technology it utilises to run your conference can deliver on the promise of an excellent experience for all your participants.

Make sure all the technical functions and features your conference requires is taken care of, including website, event registration, online networking tools, live streaming softwares and more.

Take A Test Drive

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Demo the different conferencing tools available with your virtual event company to determine which ones are the most suitable for your conference needs. Do some pre-planning by finding and watching other well-planned online conferences, symposiums and forums to take note of what worked, and what did not. This can be very useful as you work out the details for your own conference.

Do a test run of your event as well. This will allow you to rectify any issues that pop up so that there are no surprises at the actual event and your team is prepared to handle these issues.

Keep Engagement Alive

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An excellent virtual event company is able to provide a high quality production to any online event. This goes beyond providing the best cameras, audio systems, resolutions and backdrops. There are many ways to secure a high participant engagement during the virtual conference:

- Have multiple short sessions so that all the parties involved are energised and actually listening. - Change up your key speaker for different sections - this keeps your audience from losing interest fast.

- Conduct live Q&A corners that allow for higher interactions.

- Keep your audience informed with push notifications on the event Facebook page or app


Singapore's Leading Virtual & Live Streaming

Event Management Company

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We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!


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