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How Events Will Change In A Post-Pandemic World

Virtual Event Company Singapore - The COVID-19 pandemic has been a rough patch on many businesses here in Singapore, and even more so on many a virtual event company Singapore who have had to adapt to the current climate if they wanted to maintain financial buoyancy and meet their clients' needs. However, the pandemic has forced events to become more creative in dealing with live attendance figures and the like, and the truth is things are never going to be the same. Here are some ways in which events will change post-pandemic:

Higher standards of hygiene

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Before the pandemic became widespread, events were a little more lackadaisical when it came to overall hygiene standards for attendees because most virtual event company Singapore organizers trusted their clients to uphold those same standards. Nowadays, it's become a different matter and now everywhere you went at an event, you were required to wear a face mask to limit any viral spread and more hand sanitizer dispensers around every corner to help maintain personal hygiene, not to mention how certain actions such as passing the microphone between key speakers can be handled hygienically to ensure their safety at all times.

Social distancing between attendees

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The current pandemic has forced most virtual event company Singapore organizers and planners to rethink their strategy when it comes to how attendees interact with each other while still maintaining a healthy distance in compliance with the current COVID-19 guidelines among other issues. The first thing to do is to imagine how attendees would flow and move around in the venues designated for your events; is there ample space for attendees to move to and fro, and are the restrooms adequately spaced for them to maneuver around, for instance? Also keep in mind the governmental restrictions surrounding how many people are allowed to attend an event at one time as well as checking their vaccination status and providing testing for attendees who may not have been vaccinated just yet in case.

More contactless events on the rise

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In the event of the pandemic, most people with the exception of frontline workers have had to stay at home to reduce and/or minimize contact with others to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst their family and friends. In the same way, many virtual event company Singapore organizers have had to resort to hosting their events online via platforms such as Facebook, Skype and Zoom to name a few. With the ongoing pandemic not dissipating anytime soon, event planners have had to restructure their plans to accommodate the online sphere and make their events more accessible, which has actually been no easy feat but over time, online events have become the go-to method for many clients.

Offering stand-out content

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The pandemic has also forced more virtual event company Singapore planners to become more creative and think outside the box when it comes to promoting content that can stand out from the rest. That means making sure the content available at their events can be enticing and visually impressive enough to making potential attendees reconsider their choices, not to mention more people would be likely to rave about your event on social media if the content on display makes them more likely to have their curiosity piqued. Even if the event isn't as fabulous however, the networking and social aspects will have to more than make up for it by offering potential customers what they can expect from your event if they attend and putting up special offers, such as early bird discounts and lucky draw prizes for instance, to further draw them in and entice them into coming to your event.


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