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Organising A Virtual Meeting Successfully: Tips & Tricks

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Virtual Event Company Singapore - Virtual meetings have always been an alternative mode of communication when companies need to organise and meet with overseas clients, for example. However, due to the onset of COVID-19 which caused most people to work from home as a result, virtual meetings have become the main point of communication. But organising a virtual meeting can be quite a daunting task and anything to go wrong, but do not fret just yet! Here are some tips and tricks that will help your meeting go swimmingly well:

Organize your meeting well ahead of time

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This is something that every virtual event company Singapore have to contend with when dealing with clients or fellow employees, yours truly included. So where to start? It's best to start with a group calendar that will allow you to determine the best possible date for everyone required to attend the meeting so as to ensure everyone involved organise their plans in accordance with the meeting. In addition, setting up a notifications system for all participants is key to ensuring their punctuality. For instance, you could have a notification sent the day before to remind participants to attend and then at least 30 minutes before the meeting itself.

Pick a platform for your meeting

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Choosing the right platform to facilitate your meeting is fundamental to its success, so you can pick platforms that cater to your needs without the worry of malfunctions or connectivity issues. Zoom is often the go-to platform for online meetings due to its mainly secure encryption codes that is distributed among meeting participants as well as a stable connection, but if you're looking for alternatives there is Slack, which many a virtual event company Singapore would recommend, as well as other platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Uber Conference among others. We recommend you try out and determine which platform is the best choice for you.

Pay attention to the important details

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Setting a clear set of goals is important here, as you want to make sure your meeting runs smoothly and with nary an issue. Make sure to focus on the key issues to be addressed in the meeting without deviating towards other less crucial points that are of no importance. Have someone record the meeting minutes to keep track of the issues addressed and the meeting duration, also employ a mandatory policy where the video feed has to be on at all times. Remember, putting a human face to the proceedings helps soften the mood and makes it easier to communicate with your clients/co-workers.

Keep your meeting short and sweet

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This is important to note when organising your meeting: you have to keep your meeting time short and sweet without veering off-topic or getting into long-winded tangents. As a prominent virtual event company Singapore, we want our clients to feel like we're focused on what's important to them and not wasting their time. This also applies to you when planning your meeting well; set up a meeting duration of at least 15 minutes up to 45 minutes at most if need be. The last thing you'd want is your meeting to go over an hour or longer, so make sure all points and objectives are made plain concise and clear.


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