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Wearing Watches At Events With Style

Event Company Singapore: In this day and age, it is acceptable, sometimes even mandatory, to wear a watch in almost any social occasion as part of a sophisticated ensemble. With so many stylish choices available from bold and modern to the more refined classics, it can be quite daunting to match your favourite time piece to the right occasion. Here are some ways to wear watches with your ensemble with style and panache: leading event company singapore

1. Choosing the right fit

A man’s watch should primarily be easy to wear, with ladies opting for a bracelet-like fit. If adjustments need to be made, watch sellers are keen to help customers find the right fit and will happily remove or add links to a metal watch or adjust a leather strap in keeping with customer preferences. #1 event company in singapore

2. Choose how you want to wear your watch

There is no wrong or right where you should wear your watch, so long as it's the part of the wrist you find most comfortable. Most people opt for the opposite arm that they write with so not to interfere with movements, but at the end of the day it is up to you. Event Company Singapore

3. Wear it like you would everyday

The simpler the watch the more appropriate it is for all occasions. A plain black leather strap with a simple silver face is truly versatile for almost any situation. A neutral, stainless steel option is also worth considering for a more durable approach. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Wear it with formality

When it comes to more glamorous affairs, having a watch which matches your formal ensemble is highly recommended. A lady should always make sure her watch matches her necklace or bracelet and a man in sync with his cufflinks and tie pins; ideal types include metal watches with a discreet design that are simple yet elegant. Top Event Company Singapore

5. Wear it like a piece of jewellery

This one's for the ladies: if you intend on wearing other items of jewellery with your getup, wear your watch on a different arm to avoid overloading on accessories. Designer and vintage style watches look best with the appropriate wardrobe to match. leading event company singapore

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