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What You Should (And Shouldn't) Do at Office Parties

Event Company Singapore: Office parties are often perfect for white and blue collar workers to let their hair down and reconnect with their colleagues in a more informal setting hosted by any events company in Singapore, even meeting new people you wouldn't likely meet on a daily basis. But, how do we have fun and still be responsible enough not to make a fool of ourselves? Here are some do's and don'ts that you can follow if you want to be on your best behaviour at office parties organized by any events company in Singapore:

1. Go Easy On The Booze

It's alright to imbibe a few shots of vodka and Bacardi with your fellow colleagues, but make sure not to have too much alcohol. On top of a massive hangover and a really bad headache to make you stay off the booze permanently, too much alcohol can loosen the lips a little too much, so much so at the risk of losing your job. Also, you might find random pictures on Facebook of you drunk dancing much to your embarrassment and shame.

2. Office Romance = Dangerous Liaisons

There's probably that one co-worker you've had your eye on for quite some time, but unless you want to be involved in some of messy romantic dispute or even worse be accused of harassment and inappropriate behaviour at the workplace, best not to act on your impulses in this instance. Keeping your distance is best, especially in this current day and age where anything could be grounds for a lawsuit or trouble from your boss. Ask your event company singapore for a sign that says "Hands Off"!

3. Dress Well, Not Sleazy

Check your office party RSVP for what kind of attire to dress in for the party. If you're required to come dressed in more formal wear, don't come dressed looking like you just came back from Hawaii on holiday in your brightly-coloured t-shirt and khaki slacks. Likewise, don't come dressed to the nines looking like James Bond when the dress code is strictly casual.

4. Courtesy Begins With You

When attending an office party organised by any event company Singapore, especially when said party is going to be filled with VIP guests and such, it's always important to be on your best behaviour. More importantly, be courteous and polite at all times when mingling with important guests if you want to leave a lasting impression on them.

5. Always Thank The Host

Lastly, don't forget the host aka the organisers of the office party from any event company Singapore for hosting the event and working hard to make sure it was a fun and certainly memorable night for all the guests involved.

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