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World Cup-Inspired Healthy Snacks For Any Event

Event Company Singapore: The FIFA World Cup in Russia is ongoing at the time of writing, and as things reach fever pitch, people want to sit back and munch on some delicious food. Hence, let us take a look at some of the best healthy snacks inspired by each nation from around the world playing at the World Cup that you can enjoy whilst watching all the games:

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for offering some delicious street food, and one dish to die for that you should eat is the mouth-watering Mutabaq. It is now one of the most popular appetisers anywhere, and the stuffed pancake can be found throughout much of Southeast Asia. This tasty snack is made from thin pastry layers that are wrapped and folded around a mixture of mincemeat, eggs, parsley, tomatoes, onions and peppers.event company Singapore


A bona fide staple of French cuisine, ratatouille one of the most satisfying ways to get your daily requirements vegetables in a single meal. Ratatouille includes aubergine, onion, garlic, peppers, courgette, squash, tomatoes and a number of herbs. Unsurprisingly with all these healthy ingredients the dish has been known to help lower blood pressure and even reduce cholesterol.

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Sacha Inchi

One truly healthy and great snack all the way from Peru is Sacha inchi, a nut that is similar to a peanut, and with it being full of omega 3, proteins and healthy fats it is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful superfoods. Found in the Amazon jungle the nut is believed to lower blood pressure, and can strengthen the immune system with its large amounts of vitamins A and E.

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Better known as salzstangen in its home country of Germany, pretzels are a traditional snack in the country and are great on the go or for nibbling on during the games. You can make healthy pretzels without salt at home or alternatively you can buy pre-packaged options from your local supermarket. Pretzels are also commonly paired with beer, although you can substitute the beer with something healthier.

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